Cmdr Notes

From the Commander



Here we are embarking on a new year for the Arkansas Veterans of Foreign Wars.  I feel so blessed and honored that our have selected me as your State Commander for this year.  I want this to be a productive year but at the same time, we should have fun doing the VFW business.  As we go through this year each Post and District will be accumulating points as they conduct their business.  This is what I’ll be using to determine the Top Post and Districts in the Department.  So become familiar with the Post and District responsibilities in the Podium Edition on the Congressional Charter By-Laws Manual of Procedure Ritual.  You will see the total break down on how this will be scored in the Department Program Book that should be coming out later this month.
The one thing that I really want to see from everyone is more community involvement.  We need to become that go to organization within our communities when something is needed to be done.  This could be anything from organizing a parade, program or celebration for a National Holiday or other civic events.  We should also be there in a time of need, heaven forbid there be a natural disaster or the sort.  We should also be promoting Patriotism within our communities and local schools. The above paragraph flows into what I have chosen as my Commanders Project and that is raising funds for the Department Disaster Relief Fund.  As you know in the past, we as an organization have responded to Natural Disasters here in the State of Arkansas with cash grants to the victims.  In doing so this effort has been recognized by other organizations within the state and also federal agencies.  We are the point of the spear in this effort and to stay there we need to replenish this fund.  This is a tribute to the close family values that the VFW and its members here in Arkansas can be proud of.

In closing, I hope that I can live up to all your expectations of me for this year.  I plan to travel through the state over this next year and am looking forward to meeting as many members as possible.  Should you have an event in which you want me to attend contact the Headquarters so that I can get it on the calendar to attend.  I am looking forward to seeing you all this year.


Patrick O. Flenniken
VFW State Commander
Department of Arkansas